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Solar Energy

We have been harnessing the power of the sun to improve the quality of life. Today, we are Nigeria’s number one producer/supplier of solar cells. In fact,
TASHA ENERGY AND ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED high quality, Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems are used for everything from satellites to lighthouses, industrial applications to residential use TASHA ENERGY AND ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED solar energy systems take advantage of the natural, inexhaustible resource of sunlight to generate electricity. No environment harmful compounds, no fossil fuel pollution, no global warming. Just clean, safe, reliable solar energy for living. Our services include;
1. Installation.
2. Supply and procurement of solar energy generation components
Product types: photovoltaic modules, backup power systems, renewable energy system batteries, energy efficient lighting, DC to AC power inverters, solar water pumping systems, solar airports lights, solar marine lights, solar traffic lights, solar obstruction lights, solar transit lights, solar powered advertising billboards, solar street lights, solar PV systems for telecommunication and custom applications, solar home lighting kits, solar components like charge controllers, DC lights.