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We provide the following services to Industries, Government, Ministries and Agencies, corporate organizations and private individuals.


We are Nigeria’s number one producer/supplier of solar cells. Our high quality, Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems are used for everything from satellites to lighthouses, industrial applications to residents. Our solar energy systems take advantage of the natural, inexhaustible resource of sunlight to generate electricity. No environment harmful compounds, no fossil fuel pollution. Just clean, safe, reliable solar energy for living.


By providing efficient supply and delivery solutions to our clients under a single point of contact and responsibility. our Procurement Unit has partners of more than 15 procurement professionals, located in permanent offices in Nigeria, this is the reason why we are always able and capable of meeting our clients need.


we are professional  in Borehole and Hydro Engineering services.

Who we are

Provide industrial Solution

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on diversity by markets or products, by the companies through which it operates, by geography, and the way in which services are delivered to clients.  This has resulted in a progressive shift away from  a construction-only entity operating in one market to a multi-faceted international contractor.
The Company’s business strategy is built on three critical elements:

  • Diversity
  • Financial Strength
  • People

Our Sustainability Approach

In order for us to have a sustainable business, we believe we have to continue to deliver our services while ensuring minimum impact from our activities on the greater community. We believe that sustainability is achieved by actively managing through our core values and emerging through challenges as they come.

Some of the non-financial challenges facing the company include:

  • Striving to eliminate work-related fatalities on operating company projects
  • Taking our commitment to safety into foreign markets that traditionally have a different emphasis on work practices
  • Securing adequate human resources to match our growth potential
  • Implementing a reduction in carbon emissions
  • Continually seeking to make our operations more energy efficient

Our Code of Ethics

It is our policy to maintain the highest standard of ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with whomever it does business or is associated — its employees, directors, shareholders, customers, associates and suppliers, as well as with governments, the media and the public. The company’s integrity and reputation for ethical practices are among its most valued assets and are essential elements in its continued quest for sustained profitability