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Tasha Energy & Engineering Services Limited was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2014 with RC No. 1200270.

 The headquarter of Tasha Energy is located in Gwarimpa-Abuja. With up to 200 employees, including more than 70 senior experts, professors, and technical personnel in renewable energy, Tasha is the owner of over 50 product technology patents. It is a high-tech photovoltaic new energy firm that combines research, installation counselling, and after-sales services.

Tasha Energy & Engineering Services Limited is built on three critical elements: diversity, financial strength, and people. It is these three elements, working in unison. It maintains exceptionally high standards for quality, health, safety, and environmental protection and is committed to delivering projects on budget and schedule to the complete satisfaction of its clients.

Over the years, we have rendered services to both the private and public sectors, which include the federal government, ministries and agencies, corporate organizations, and private individuals. We provide various services such as solar street light installation, solar inverter/grid installation, building/road construction, procurement, free training, contract financing, and credit sales, among others, in the areas of solar energy and inverter installation.

Our all-in-one solar street lights, also called integrated solar street lights, integrate the green-energy parts of a solar panel, LED lamp, and the LiFePO4 battery with a camera into a single product. Our Tasha Energy long-lasting solar panels come with a three-year warranty and also offer free maintenance.

Our solar panels are efficient and durable. With our motion sensor panel, you can rest assured that your security is covered as the sensor enables you to detect movement around your environment at night, and the camera captures every detail and movement around your environs for 24 hours. We also have different types of solar lights, ranging from 10 watts to 120 watts.

Tasha Energy & Engineering Services Limited solar energy systems take advantage of the natural, inexhaustible resource of sunlight to generate electricity. No harmful environmental compounds, no fossil fuel pollution, no global warming. It’s just clean, safe, and reliable solar energy for living.

As our means of empowerment, we also give some youth free training on solar installation during the project period in each respective community. We also take our labour from the community to help provide jobs for the community for the duration of the project.

To be number one of Nigeria’s leading civil, electrical, and hydro engineering, procurement, IT providers, and related technical services companies, serving selected industry sectors and geographic markets, this will be achieved through the know-how of our people by contributing to the success of our clients through value-added services and by continuous investment in the improvement of our technical and managerial competence.

TASHA ENERGY & ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED vision is built on experience and innovation; “To maintain and strengthen its core engineering business, to develop new skills and activities, and to respond to the changing needs of clients and markets.

TASHA ENERGY & ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED strategy for sustained growth is anchored in the development of world-class products, its far-reaching international network and its financing capabilities.”

Our vision is supported by the following values which we are committed to carrying out:

  • Ensure that high standards of health and safety are a primary objective in all our activities worldwide.
  • Respect for our code of ethics, the environment, quality, and philosophy of ongoing improvement.
  • Encourage a culture founded on a sense of pride and belonging, and empower our employees to take initiatives and assume responsibilities.
  • Provide stimulating and varied career opportunities for our employees in a challenging and rewarding equal-opportunity work environment.
  • Assure the development of the technical and managerial know-how of our employees to remain at the top of our selected industry sectors.
  • Encourage share-ownership by employees.

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